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I'm a web developer; I created my first website in 1999. Since then I've created many of my own sites and also worked for companies like iFinance Canada, de Souza Institute, Mackenzie Investments, Toronto Star, and Blue Ant Media. See my portfolio below for some of the sites I've recently created.

I have mostly worked in WordPress or custom built-from-scratch websites. I recently released my first jQuery plugin, stori.js, which is useful for easily creating interactive decision trees, storybooks, and other interactive branching activities.

I made this website using Materialize (to experiment with it) but I have experience coding sites from scratch as well as using other frameworks like Bootstrap and PureCSS.

My wonderful wife and I live in Toronto, ON. I enjoy gaming, reading, theology, music, and food. And also, apparently, writing self-lauditory text.

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat!


Here is some recent work that I've done, either my own projects or my work with some great companies in Toronto.


Medicard is the primary brand of iFinance Canada. The redesign was built from scratch in PHP/MySQL to make the site responsive and with a smoother and easier UX, while loading faster than the previous design.

Ann Kaplanmore_vert
Ann Kaplanclose

Ann Kaplan, CEO of iFinance Canada and star of Real Housewives of Toronto, needed a website that fit her upscale and fun brand. Built using heavily customized Divi theme in WordPress.

Cancer & Workmore_vert
Cancer & Workclose

Cancer & Work is a content-intensive bilingual site built in WordPress featuring both a built-from-scratch custom theme and several custom plugins to add specific functionality and interactive tools.

de Souza Institutemore_vert
de Souza Instituteclose

The de Souza Institute's website is WordPress powered with a custom built-from-scratch theme, and custom built plugins like a custom search filtration system.

Cancer Chatmore_vert
Cancer Chatclose

Cancer Chat's front page is the gateway to its CometChat and CakePHP powered backend. Designed to be responsive and accessible for clients with special needs.


CloutBout is a platform for creating free visual polls. Currently in beta, it allows any visitor to instantly and easily create a poll and share it online.


My first released Javascript open source library, Stori.js allows creation of pathfinder-type tools or "choose your own adventure" stories with minimal HTML markup.


Scarborough Community Alliance Church's website is Wordpress-based and features a simple layout built using a customized theme utilizing Visual Composer.

IM Intranetmore_vert
IM Intranetclose

IM Intranet is a built-from-scratch PHP based intranet developed for the investment management division of Mackenzie Investments. (Since it contains sensitive information it is unavailable for public viewing.)

lock Unavailable online
MI Portmore_vert
MI Portclose

MI Port is a blog built for the investment management division at Mackenzine Investments utilizing a clean WordPress theme and numerous custom-built plugins. (Since it contains sensitive information it is unavailable for public viewing.)

lock Unavailable online
Scientist Christiansmore_vert
Scientist Christiansclose

Powered by VueJS, this site with dynamically filtered, unique content demonstrates use of a popular Javascript framework and lightweight design with no underlying CSS framework.


The Toronto Cocktail Week 2014 event never actually occurred (due to the event being cancelled) but this is my concept of how it could have looked, based on the designer's original wireframes.

Toronto Music Runmore_vert
Toronto Music Runclose

The Toronto Music Run was unfortunately cancelled, but site was built on an extremely tight timeframe with a fast-loading framework-free single-page design.

Anchor Stonemore_vert
Anchor Stoneclose

Anchor Stone Inspections is a multi-lingual website (English & Chinese) built in the Website Baker platform with a built-from-scratch design.


Play.vg features over 100 free-to-play classic web games in a responsive and custom-built design utilizing the Bootstrap framework.


Web development

Javascript / jQuery


Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator
MS Word / Excel / Publisher
WHM / CPanel / Apache
Gulp / Grunt
Android / iOS

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