This is not the official TCW2014 site. I was hired to develop it, however The Grid shut down in July 2014 so the event was cancelled. This is my interpretation of what it might've looked like based on the designer's wireframes and discussions. These pages are not authorized or connected to The Grid or any company, and are intended for demonstration purposes.

The three pages available are the home page, crawls (map) page, and the blog.

The Grid: Toronto Cocktail Week 2014
What’s happening? The TCW14 Blog

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

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Photos from the following Flickr sources (all CC licensed) were used on this site: Thomas Hawk-Cocktail at Sunset, Mike-Why did the pig cross the road?, 4ELEVEN Images-Dj Heavygrinder, Kirti Poddar-Cocktails, Albert Lynn-Caesar Cocktail @ The Boathouse Restaurant, Jeremy Brooks-Jessica Behind Her Bar, 1, Geee Kay-Toronto Skyline from the Toronto Islands, Frank Gruber-At John Barleycorns at TcChicago6, Ian Iott-My Hipster Impersonation, Michael Gil-Happy 147th Birthday Canada!.
It also uses a modified version of the Google Map Builder plugin by Devin Walker, the 40 Free Transparent Social Media Icons pack by Design Bolts, and the Sativa background by Lucca Errico.